Welcome to Non-Lead Education for Experienced Hunters

This is a 3-5 minute course on the benefits of using non-lead ammunition. This course is mainly for experienced hunters. Please complete the course by watching the videos, engaging with the activities, and answering the questions in the Knowledge Check at the end of the module. Click Finish on the Knowledge Check. If you have already purchased non-lead ammunition to hunt with, and have proof of purchase, you will be able to enter a drawing for prizes as a thank you for your continued commitment to the stewardship of our wildlife.

Complete the course and you could win free hunting gear!

This course is intended for experienced hunters. Please read the following objectives, view the content, and complete the quiz below.

Thank you for completing the course!

We want to thank you for your dedication to conservation, your passion for the health of wildlife, and the legacy we leave for future generations; to show our appreciation for your contributions to hunting stewardship enter your information below to win great prizes, including optics, camouflage, gift cards, and other items to help make your future hunts a success!

Complete the form below and select "Submit" to enter our drawing. Be sure to include your proof of purchase for non-lead ammo and a photo of the purchased ammo to qualify.